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Katie Williams Sports Massage

Massages are given to relax and alleviate pain that might have been gained in a number of ways from sporting injuries, pregnancy to mental strain. Massages will relax the muscles and allow them to reform to their natural state regaining your comfort. .

Whilst many people believe you have to be an athlete or have an injury to benefit from massages, this isn’t the case! Many people can sustain pain in their everyday lives and can also benefit from it.

Tense muscles may also lead to further serious injury and therefore it’s important to ensure that they are relaxed and as much oxygen gets to them as possible. This is where massage can help as it can increase the blood flow to your muscles. Toxins in your muscles need to be broken down with aches and pains and the best way to do this is to deep-tissue massage to ensure that they’re flushed out of your body. The removal of toxins in your body allows your rehabilitation process to speed up and the chance of future injury much less likely.